About this website

I'm Diego Dorn, a french math student, actually in my second year of bachelor at the EPFL.

I always liked to draw fractals.
During my life, I made five or six programs to draw them, the first ones where basic and the last one, Brocoli is much more complex, even though still much simpler than professional software that exists out there.

At some point, an idea emerged in my head: drawing random fractals. This is how @TheFracalBot was created, a twitter bot that posts a new, unique, randomly generated fractal every day.

In April 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak, I had some free time and decided to learn HTML and CSS to create a website for @TheFractalBot. This would never have been possible without the help of my little brother, Félix. He taught me everything I know in two days, condensing what he learned in a few years so I did not have to go through the lengthy try-fail-repeat-learn process.

Credit where it's due

First of all, a big Merci to my brother, Félix, for his time and advice.

I would also like to thank risson for helping and teaching me how to deploy the server, for building such a rich infrastructure for Lama Corp., and for always improving my technological taste.

I also thank everyone who contributed to kivy, numba and numpy. Those three python libraries make it possible for Brocoli to exist and therefore this website.

Finally, thank you mom, for cooking for me much often than you should, and always keeping me inspired when you find unexpected names for my fractals!

Thanks to Heroicons for the nice icons I use.


You can contact me on Twitter @LeQuanta or by email at: diego AT lama-corp DOT space